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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Singtao Dance Competition - 3rd Place!

It's been busy, but after a hiatus I'm happy to update! Over Labor Day weekend I competed in the first annual Singtao Dance Competition. Somehow I'd made the cut to Finals and considering the caliber of the other dancers I was definitely nervous. I told myself that it was another chance to get out there and share what I've got, and for me to enjoy being on the stage ... I had to tell myself that a lot :) It was nervewracking, though, for several reasons:

1. The stage was elevated, open on all 4 sides with audiences on each. No reassuring back curtain. During series of turns it became a sea of faces!
2. The stage was small. I had to figure out how to show a lot of explosive movement and not jump, roll, or fall off of the stage.
3. The stage was slippery. In an effort to counteract this I bought a bottle of clear soda to wet my shoes with. I opened the bottle and it exploded everywhere right before the competition!
4. I was to go on first. Never a great thing in competitions, so I'm told.
5. It was my first dance competition.

Coming away with 3rd place was a real honor. The other competing dancers were top-notch and I never thought I'd have this kind of opportunity. My genuine goal was to dance Dan Jiao well enough to make myself happy, and I did. Even my coach said I did better than he thought I would, and he *never* says anything like that! Hooray!
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