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Monday, July 9, 2007


I was handed a badge that read 'Entertainer' when I checked in at the IIT 2007 Global Alumni Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and after I'd changed into my costume (above) and put on my stage face I realized that I was indeed there as an entertainer. I suppose I could call myself a dancer, but status as an entertainer never really crossed my mind. Sometimes dance is an elevated art form, and at other times it is just fun for all. I remind myself that even art began as entertainment in some form. Somehow, the terms have evolved such that one could argue that art is not merely entertainment. I don't mind either way, as long as I get to dance.

The stage was slippery and I thought I'd fall for sure, but thankfully everything passed without incident. After some rousing numbers by Indian dance troupes, 'Moonlit Pond' was introspective and quiet. There was a hush as the lights faded above me at the end and I was gladdened to hear soft noises of appreciation before the applause began. What a wonderful feeling.

And after that ... Free food in the green room! Meat lasagna ...
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