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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Another season, new dances! I'm rehearsing a Dai dance, but unlike the peacock portrayal, I am to be a "flower daughter". The movements are traditionally Dai, with a very Southeast Asian flavor - the region of the Dai people borders Cambodia and Vietnam - but the music becomes a bit modern in the middle of the piece.

I like to call it "The Guitar Hero" section; a melody normally played by a traditional reed instrument is replaced by rockin' electric guitar.  Can you imagine it: Lovely Dai girls frolicking amongst flowers to the strains of a rock anthem.  We have truly arrived in the 21st century, folks!

My neck is still rather stiff from my last injury, so I have to be careful when rehearsing - the Dai style is famous for its arched back, sudden neck bends backward, and is otherwise characterized by what's called the "3 curves" silhouette.  It's a beautiful look, for which I feel my physical shortcomings all the more sharply, but there's naught but to practice!
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