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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't mind the problems, just dance!

After all the performances earlier this month, I'm finally back to learning new dances and gearing up for the holiday season. The photo here was taken by a journalist who was at one of the China 60 year celebrations I danced at. I have a big dilemma with this costume: What do I do with my hair? I'm a girl, dancing as a boy, and while my hair is short now, it obviously didn't stay pinned to my head as I leapt and whirled through the dance (as you can see, it looks terrible). I don't want to cut my hair boy-style because it will make all my other costuming difficult since they all require hair that can be swept back. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm also very ignorant and lazy when it comes to anything hair-related.

I also had a costume tragedy after the performance - my poor mother tried to be helpful and washed it, which one can never do with costumes! - and the blue color bled all over the white of the overshirt. I'm getting a new one made in Shanghai, sigh. Oh, and the head of the rose fell off before I went onstage, prompting a desperate attempt to tape it back to the stem. Despite these problems, I hope the audience enjoyed the show.
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