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Monday, September 28, 2009

China 60 Years = A Weekend of Dance

A crazy weekend of performances is over! I'm exhausted. Modern China is now 60 years in the making, and the Moon Harvest is upon us = a lot of performances! I performed for several events in San Francisco, including the Confucius Conference (yes, it's his birthday, too) co-hosted by the Consul General of China in SF. The MC put me on the spot afterwards and asked me a lot of questions!

I danced the Mongolian Chopsticks dance (photo above is from a previous performance, at Google) as well as the Uighur/Kazakh Rose for a Sweetheart. Unfortunately the stage where I performed Rose was concrete, and now I have some fantastically painful bruises.

I received some requests to dance at more events soon, for the Moon Harvest. I'd promised that I wouldn't accept any more for the rest of the month because to be honest, I am very tired - I work a full time job in addition to this!
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