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Monday, July 7, 2008

Dancing for the Sichuan Earthquake Effort

Several weeks ago I was asked to participate in a dance competition and I came out with 1st Place for my division - it was a more low-key competition, which felt nice. My main motivation was that the proceeds would go to the earthquake victims in Sichuan, China. I'd already donated to Red Cross China and worked on projects that would hopefully help people trying to find their family members who were missing.

The photo above was taken during the competition; the dance is titled "Untamed Yi Girl" based on my take on the original Chinese title - I'd suggested 'Tameless' for 'Untamed' - to me, it speaks to the unique beauty of freedom. Basically I am a wild tomboy in the woods who, at the end of the dance, reveals a feminine side to her personality. At that point, I remove my hat to let my hair tumble down my back. While audiences tell me this is a very striking gesture, it has been a source of anxiety for me - during rehearsals my hair has come out of the hat prematurely! Thankfully performances have been fine.
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