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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Still Breathing, Still Dancing

Despite pain in my left foot during the past year and a half, I have continued dancing and conditioning as much as I can. For quite some time I have feared I would never be able to dance properly again. I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to walk, stand, and even run mostly normally throughout. Pointing my left foot would bring sharp, stabbing pain, and sometimes I felt like my foot would want to "crack" apart from my ankle!
Performing through it all!

After extensive physical therapy and finally an MRI and CT Scan, the podiatrist discovered an unusual structure between two bones. Apparently I have an "extra" growth where there shouldn't be one, thus causing the pain. Thankfully, it is fibrous and not osseous (meaning the growth is not comprised of actual bone). After receiving a steroid injection into my ankle to break up and soften the growth, my range of mobility has increased. I still have to be careful, though, and I make sure I warm up my ankle properly before attempting any activity.

(And no, it's not that kind of steroid - I am happy to report that I did not grow an unusually muscular left foot after receiving the injection!)

The podiatrist recommended surgery, and I confess I would like to avoid that unless absolutely necessary. I am encouraged by the effects of the steroid injection and will monitor the progress. And every day, no matter how tired I feel before I start my morning exercises, I remind myself how fortunate I am to even have the choice to be mobile. No matter what happens, I will dance on, even if it is only in my heart. 
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