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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Tiger Year and Valentine's Day

Apologies for my belated greetings; my schedule has been full! I've even had to unfortunately turn down an event or two because there was just too much going on. I feel a stab of pain every time I cannot commit to dancing, but it's even more important to balance life and energy.  I'd rather dance fewer shows than too many with subpar performance.

Thus far I've danced at mostly corporate events, but the community events give me a wonderful sense of involvement. When children and even their grandmothers come to take photos with me and give me a kind word, I know that everything is worth it.  Most exciting, I'm rehearsing new dances and - I admit it - I always feel that sweet rush of excitement that comes with new costumes.

Valentine's Day almost seemed to slip by as the Lunar New Year fell on the same day this year. I hope you had a happy day, whether you were spending time with family, being with your special someone, working ... Here's to a happy and successful year of the Tiger!
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