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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing Shanghai

Being in Shanghai and working with the Shanghai Dance Theater was like a dream come true. Too bad it is already over! Each day was packed; I would rise at 7 am and go to class (基本功), break for lunch in the mess hall, rehearse in the afternoon, eat dinner in the mess hall, then dance again. If I did this every single day I might not like it as much, but that's the same for any job, no matter how much you like it. I'd do it all over again, even with the nasty mosquito bites.

I've come home feeling stronger and more centered, and I think I am finally starting to let my upper body relax a little more. The stronger the center, the looser I can be on top - I've been aware of this before, but it isn't until the sensation is actually experienced that true understanding can begin to blossom. I sincerely hope SDT will welcome me back from time to time, so that I can be inspired by some of the world's best, and work hard to become an even better dancer. I don't know what I have to offer them, but ... here's hoping.
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