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Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Over! (for now)

I've just finished a spate of performances and while I'm relieved it's over - I'm quite exhausted - it was quite an experience. I danced at a private event in San Francisco working with Renda from Henna Garden, trading sets with a Mongolian contortionist and a spunky plate spinner. The stage was tiny and at least 3 feet elevated off the ground, and I was worried I would fall off during the spins and jumps. Thankfully, everything went all right, and the satays the kitchen brought in for us were delicious.

Over the weekend I danced in two full-length shows, in which I was in what felt like every other number, each with a costume change. Thankfully, I was able to get onstage in time for each one. Unfortunately towards the middle of the second to last piece, one of my long water sleeves got caught under another dancer during a series of tight jumps and rolls, and my arm is now bandaged and swollen. At least I made it through the rest of the show and for the finale, but the pain was (and is still) intense. I hope I heal quickly enough in time to perform for the Bay Area celebration of the opening of the Beijing Olympics this coming Friday.

A fellow dancer caught me in a strange moment during a photo shoot - I look a bit ghostly! I'm dressed as an Uighur girl, and as my Ukrainian friend Olga said, it looks like I could be Uzbek, too.
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